Dalton-le-Dale History Society

St. Andrews Church - Windows


West Nave

At the west end of the nave is another window, which may also be a Myer window. It is very much in their style with features at the top very similar to the eastern window. (Mayer did not always add a motif to their windows) The window depicts John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the River Jordan, above them a dove sending down from Heaven, the Holy Spirit. It reads: - To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Elizabeth Gregson of Warden Law in this county who entered into rest July 26th 1913, aged 89 years. Looking at the date in the window, one can easily misread the year as 1213 instead of 1913. Was this an error in its manufacture?. As the window is located at some height, this will not have been easily noticed. However, with the introduction of the new gallery it can be easily observed.

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