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St. Andrews Church - Windows


Lepers Window ( external view )

On the south wall of the chancel is a narrow window known as the Lepers Window, through which the mass could be seen. Lepers were not allowed to enter the church but were allowed to look through hagioscopes or 'squint windows' as their affliction was associated with sin. Under law, a leper held no rights, they had to wear distinctive dress, and were given a staff and a warning rattle or bell. They were forbidden to speak to others, to enter inns or to drink at the public fountain. They could not live in towns except where 'leper houses' or 'lazarettos' were provided for those of their kind to segregate them from normal society. Monetary provision was made through local taxes and tolls and a prescribed proportion of food brought into a town was earmarked for their sustenance .

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