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St. Andrews Church - Windows


East Chancel

In the chancel above the alter, there is a magnificent stained glass window showing biblical scenes in a gothic frame. The windows were installed as part of the church’s restoration circa 1907, replacing much simpler designs. The work is dedicated to Caroline Gregson who died on the 8th February 1851 aged 35 years. James Dalton Gregson and Edith Mary Gregson erected the window. We can see that the funding was made by the family, who have a strong tradition of support in the community of Dalton le Dale. At the base of the central window can be seen the makers name, Mayer of Munich, who are world famous producers of stained glass. It is therefore amazing that we have in St Andrews Church, windows manufactured by the company who specialised in this style of window. Franz Mayer and Co. are stained glass artists to the Holy See, and consequently popular with Roman Catholic clients, throughout the world. Thousands of their windows were exported to North America. Mayer's figurative windows were enormously popular throughout Canada and the United States. The British government confiscated Mayer holdings in London during 1913, all the records were transferred to Munich. During World War II, Mayer lost their properties in Munich as a result of the allied bombings in 1944; it is therefore unfortunate that no records exist of the work in the church. Most of Mayer's postwar work, however, concentrated on conservation and restorations within Germany. .

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