Dalton-le-Dale History Society

The Fountain

The Drinking Fountain is situated on the road to Seaham, just before Dalton Towers. It includes a natural stream flowing from the hillside which may have existed for centuries. The fountain was a favourite stopping point to and from Seaham, its clear cool water refreshing the thirsty traveller. It may also have served the Pony and Trap transport on hot, sunny days when local folk ventured on a day out. The elaborate surround of the fountain was replaced by D.C.C. with an ugly brickwork construction. The layby and wall to sit on disappeared rendering the feature unattractive and in time its condition deteriorated.

Today there is a constant fight with the undergrowth to prevent it disappearing behind shrubs etc. In todays fast moving society, travellers have little time to stop for refreshment and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding vista.

The Fountain - Then The Fountain - Now