Dalton-le-Dale History Society

Burnside Cottages

Burnside Cottages are located across the stream ( on the south side ), upstream from Dalton Bridge. A modern concrete bridge spans the beck, allowing access to the two residences. A map dated 1783 shows the main route for travellers coming down the footpath from Hawthorn to veer left passing the cottages. It is thought that this was the main route north before the bridge was built. The cottages were probably an inn, the location being chosen as an easy place to ford the stream. This means the road would lead travellers on to the village green before turning towards the east and travelling north past Cragdale Villas. In 1789 Dalton Bridge was built resulting in a much more efficient route, avoiding the detour past the cottages. The footpath was the main route from Sunderland to Easington and is recorded in the journey of Oliver Cromwell on his visit to the area during his campaign.

Today the cottages are private residences, still accessed over a bridge crossing the stream. The old path leading down the footpath from Hawthorn can still be seen, though it is now disused and overgrown.

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