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St. Andrews Church - Internal Features


Lady Maude

Maud, Lady of Dalden ( Towers ) inherited her fathers estate, when she was fourteen, in 1370. She married Sir William Bowes, Knight of Streatlam, near Barnard Castle, in 1375. When she died in 1420, she left many interesting instructions in her will. She asked to be buried in the church at Dalton, and bequeathed six wax torches ( at six pounds each ) to the church and two quarters of wheat to the light of the Virgin in the church. To the vicar she left the sheets about her body and six “cover chiefs” to remind him of her to the end of his days, and twelve pennies to every chaplain of Castle Barnard present at the celebration of her death mass at Streatlam. She also left several books(which were very precious in those days before printing presses), to local ladies and to her god – daughter Lady Maud of Hylton, “one Romance boke is called the Gospels” Was this a copy of the New Testament? Originally her effigy was laid to rest on the north corner of the Chancel, an indication of how important a person she was. In recent years she was moved to the north wall of the naive where her condition continues to deteriorate.

Above on the wall is a list of the clergy who have served in St Andrews, beginning with William in 1155.

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