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12/30/2016 11:40:16 AM Deborah Brown Deb66orah@aol.co.uk Dalton-le-Dale
As a newby to the village (11 years) I couldn`t imagine living anywhere else now. So much history and interesting stories of times gone by. Welcome to our new website & enjoy reading about our village and home.
1/13/2017 4:30:42 PM Ger Gustard g.gustard@sky.com
Hi Deborah, Congratulations - our first visitor to the site - Ger
1/30/2017 8:11:17 PM t h naylor thosnaylor@aol.com murton
I couldn’t agree more with Deborah Brown comments on “Dalton Le Dale history society” and the surrounding area, she put it all into a nut shell, also if we all work together with the history and the surrounding, country side the wild life would gain from it and be in plenty with the help of the sowing of wild flowers seeds in Dean Clofe. Yours Thomas Harper Naylor

Well Done to Everyone
3/9/2017 4:55:37 AM Peter Narrabeen
Well done to everyone involved in creating and keeping this Website alive. Too much local history is lost to time in this modern world. I was only 2 years old when my family left Dalton-le-Dale in 1958 for Australia, so my knowledge of the village, and my family`s life there is scant. To see the family name in the 1891 census and to see it mentioned with the Burnside Works in your "walk" was indeed a pleasing note in the history of Dalton-le-Dale. Again, well done everyone, and keep up the good work. Cheers!
3/9/2017 4:24:33 PM Peter Narrabeen Australia
Apologies to all. For some reason my surname, Dickeson, was ommitted from my guestbook entry. Cheers and greetings from Australia
5/3/2017 5:34:41 PM Marian g.gustard@sky.com Dalton le Dale
Hi Peter I remember you and your family very well. My maiden name was Dickinson and we lived at 7 East End Cottages,my mothers name was Dolly Dickinson Best wishes Marian
8/17/2018 3:22:20 PM Peter Dickeson
Thankyou for your comments Peter, we have a James Allen and Ada Dickeson living in the village in 6 St Cuthberts Tce. in 1931. Are these members of your family ? Regards Gerald Gustard DLDHistory Society
5/23/2020 12:36:58 PM Kathy Howe Carlisle
Peter, I was Kathleen Shovlin when I knew you. I remember the day you left to go to Australia and you all came to say goodbye. My younger brother Michael still lives in the NE, but in Seaham now. You had a brother too but his name escapes me. I have a photo of a birthday party when I was 7 or 8, and I think you`re on it.

Linton Family
9/21/2017 11:13:13 PM Sheila Elizabeth Toes scottishblueliz@gmail.com Durham
Researching family history on the Linton Family. Do you have members who are willing to help with research/photographs etc. Many thanks. Sheila

re- marriages of St. Andrews Church "The Heart of The Village"
10/29/2017 11:37:19 AM Thomas Harper Naylor thosnaylor@aol.com Murton
12th August 1905 J.B. Davison & Mary Ann Davison Concerns of marriages or not as St. Andrews, had no license first couple married at St Andrews Dalton-Le-Dale after renewal of License. 12th Aug 1905 Saint Andrew’s of Dalton Le Dale Joseph Bassett Davison age 27 years bachelor his father Joseph Bassett Davison profession (deceased) Driller Elizabeth Ann Davison age 35 years widow of Dalton Le Dale her father Thomas Bowden Unsworth profession Miner in the presence of Thomas Allbred? Davison & Mary Jane Harkness

2/4/2018 2:37:30 PM Thomas thosnaylor@aol.com Murton
hi, would any one of the Dalton Le Dale flooding committee please get in touch with me from the above address, or where I can get in touch with them yours Tom Naylor
2/12/2018 11:00:47 AM Fran Rowlatt-McCormick fran@bigmountainproductions.com Newry Northern Ireland
Dear All, I am looking for images of Dalton Le Dale in the 1700s! For use in a C4 series The Genealogy Roadshow.Has anyone on this site got anything they can share with me? Many thanks. Fran

Ashville Overdene
3/11/2018 9:25:39 AM John Kirton johmar4345@btinternet.com BOLDON
I came across a reference to a relative of mine in a section of your website "Walking the Bounds July 27th 2013." The piece of interest referred to my Great Uncle Hugh Kirton a Builder in Seaham Harbour. Uncle Hugh came to live with us in his latter years but it is only recently doing family research that I realised how many houses he built in the area as well as in Sunderland. I am particularly interested in the Overdene area as Hugh`s wife my Great Aunt Eva died at Ashville Overdene Dalton Le Dale in 1947. It would be of interest to me to know if this house still exists and if any of your members have any info about Hugh. Regards John Kirton
8/17/2018 3:11:34 PM John Kirton johmar4345@btinternet.com
Hello John, I hope you enjoyed reading about "Walking the Bounds", We are trying to find out more info regarding your Uncle Hugh. We can confirm that the house Ashville still exists with residents Mr and Mrs G Smailes. You can see an overhead on google map. At the end of the entry road into the Overdene Estate, there is a private road which leads to 2 bungalows, Ashville is the first one with a large green house in the garden.If we find any info we will let you know. Meanwhile thankyou for visiting our site. Best Wishes Gerald Gustard DLD History Society

6/26/2018 2:27:02 PM FIONA JANE DODD jane_dodd@btinternet.com Frampton, Dorset
Hi, My Father aged 92, has a lot of "memories" about Dalton-Le-Dale which we are very happy to pass on to your Historical Society. Dad was born in Cold Hesledon, and was a choir boy at Dalton-le-Dale Church from approximately 1936-1941. He clearly remembers names such as Ivan Way, George Rutter, Bill Short,and Billy Williams. In addition to Billy Proud, Bobby Proud, and Arthur Mullen. Jenny Wilson - a resident and Frankie Thubrun both ived in Daton-le-
8/17/2018 3:01:07 PM Fiona Jane Dodd jane_dodd@btinternet.com
Hello Jane, Thankyou for visiting our guest book for Dalton le Dale. We would love to read about your fathers memories of his time spent in the village. We still have residents from your dads era, including Eric Proud and Doreen Proud ( Bills wife). Many have sadly passed including last year Ivan Way ( the son ). His father wrote the book Our Village which is all about DLD. Please pass on our best wishes to your father, we look forward to any memories he wishes to share. ( Does he have the same surname ?) Best Wishes Gerald Gustard Chairman DLDHistory Society

Help track down a book written in the 60’s about the History of Dalton le Dale
12/9/2018 9:17:34 AM Linda Konieczny linda.konieczny@btinternet.com Oxfordshire
Hi, my grandmother grew up in Dalton Le Dale, she was born in 1899 and her family lived at Glebe Farm. I remember her showing me a small book written by a neighbour in which she and her family were mentioned. I think it must have been destroyed when my parents house was flooded. Does anybody know of this book, is it still available or in your possession? My families name was Anderson, like many families at the time she had several brothers and sisters who remained in the locality, my Grandmother made her home in Thirsk. Many thanks, Linda
4/24/2019 3:23:12 PM Ian Ferguson ianferg@btinternet.com Peterlee
Hi Linda, My mother was Ethel Anderson. Her father was Robert (Bob) Anderson who I imagine would have been your Grandmother`s brother. I assume her name was Hannah. The book you are looking for is called `Our Village` written by Ivan Way. My mother did have a copy of the book which mentions my Grandfather and his brother Bill. The chapter in the book is called `Bill and Bob` Hope this helps Ian.
7/21/2021 9:12:45 AM marion bcatray@sky.com ne5
i believe Hannah was my grandmothers sister my grandmother was Georgina Anderson.I know of one copy of the book you mention, it belongs to my cousin Alan Venner he lent it to me for a while but i returned it but i don`t think he would want to part with it. We visited the cafe at Thirsk many times

Family History
5/3/2019 4:27:15 PM Steven Lewis Coe stevecoe1955@aol.com Kent
Hi there, I believe that I have just discovered that a number of my ancestors came from your village. My Google search for Dalton le Dale led me to your site. The family name was `Forster` and they were living c1700. If I can give more evidence for my connection, I will certainly be back! Best wishes, Steve

6/24/2019 6:15:47 PM Cousin dan@saint.org California
Would love to know more about where the LUKES family might have lived in 1874. They were in Dalton-le-Dale for only a few years at most, as their son Thomas was born in New Seaham in 1871 and their daughter Keturah was born in New Tunstall in 1878. In between those two, daughter Alice was born in Dalton-le-Dale in 1874! Her grave is at findagrave 22658154 with more details about parents and siblings. Thanks for any suggestions or help!

NEEB Depot in the Cold Heseldon area
9/28/2019 10:06:37 AM Edward Toll edwarddtoll@aol.com Sunderland
As former employees of the North Eastern Electricity Board a few of my former colleagues and myself are trying to locate a depot NEEB had in the Heseldon area. I was wondering if any of your members might know. Thanks Edward Toll
8/1/2020 5:58:07 PM Marian g.gustard@sky.com Dalton
Hello I was born in Dalton and remember the electricity building at Cold Hesleden (always called the water works ) It was on the left as you turned in Cold Hesleden. I was very friendly with a lady from Dalton who said her father came to this area to help install the electricity station .. His name would be Middlemiss. I will try and find out some dates for you.

Dalton pumping station
10/18/2019 8:52:47 PM James Evans james.evans2@talktalk.net Darlington
Hello. I am a massive fan of pumping stations! I recently emailed Keith Bell from Ryhope Engines Museum about who owns Dalton Pumping Station. He said Brian Nicholson. He said that your members visited the site. He said that you might be able to get me in touch with Mr Nicholson. Could you do that? I would love over to visit the site and it’s wonderful Cornish Beam engines. Thank you so much James Evans Age 12 Darlington

6/28/2020 4:42:02 PM Melanie melanie.malkin@sky.com Congleton,
Hi, I don’t know if this is the right site or not, but I’m wondering if you can help me? My Dad was born in Cold Hesledon in 1928. He went to work at the waterworks as a gardener. He lived in one of the houses directly across from the pumping station. I wondered if anyone had some photos of the village back in the day, especially these houses, the village school and the waterworks. My Dad also helped out on a farm, owned by the Baines family - I believe the A19 now runs through what was the farm. If anyone has any pictures, I would be most grateful. My Dad is no longer alive and I am unable to ask him anything about this. He was called John Todd Berry. I know my Grandad had links with Murton colliery and I have an aged Aunt still living in Murton, Elizabeth Gee. I can be contacted through Facebook messenger or directly through Many thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon. Mel Malkin

6/28/2020 5:08:18 PM Melanie melanie.malkin@gmail.com Congleton,
Hi, I don`t know if this is the right site or not, but I`m wondering if you can help me? My Dad, John Todd Berry, was born in Cold Hesleden in 1928. He went to work at the waterworks as a gardener. He lived in one of the houses directly across from the pumping station. I wondered if anyone had some photos of the village back in the day, especially these houses, the village school and the waterworks. My Dad also helped out on a farm, owned by the Baines family - I believe the A19 now runs through what was the farm. If anyone has any pictures, I would be most grateful. My Dad is no longer alive and I am unable to ask him anything about this. I know my Grandad had links with Murton colliery and I have an aged Aunt still living in Murton, Elizabeth Gee. My Dad has his ashes interred at St Andrew`s church in Dalton - he used to be a choir boy there. Many thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards Mel Malkin

8/12/2020 5:11:38 PM Susan Stephenson jastskbo@gmail.com Ryhope, Sunderland
Hello, I am researching my family tree and I was wondering if anyone had any further details to add to the details that I have already discovered regarding my connection to Dalton-le-Dale? I have discovered that my maternal grandfather George William Tipling was baptized in Dalton-le-Dale on 7 Oct 1900. His place of residence also says Dalton-le-Dale on the record transcription. His father`s name was William and his mother`s first name was Elizabeth. On the record transcription of his birth details it shows his mother`s maiden name as Moore. I found a gravestone in the Dalton-le-Dale church grounds with the name James Moore on who died 29 Aug 1834 aged 69 and the name of his wife Jane Moore who died 11 May 1850 aged 89 and I was wondering if there might be a connection to my great grandmother Elizabeth Moore who was born around 1869? My great grandmother married William Tipling my great grandfather around 1888. Regards, Sue

Family Research!
11/18/2020 9:09:13 AM Fiona Winter admin@fillyourroots.co.uk South Wales
This website is fantastic! thank you so much for putting it together. I am creating a book for a client who has roots in Dalton-Le-Dale, her 4 times great grandmother was baptised here in 1889, so your site has given me a greater understanding of the social history for them. Excellent work, keep up the good job!

Organist in the `60s.
4/25/2021 2:54:58 PM Reverend revcook@btinternet.com Guisborough
I have very fond memories as organist of St Andrew`s during the late 1960s. I remember Ivan Way and John Winlow, together with his daughter Christine and others who sang in the choir. Although I lived in Peterlee I made the journey each Sunday to play the organ for Evensong. I am now retired but look back on those years with pleasure and often stop in the village hoping to find the church open. But alas! not so. David Cook.
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Dalton waterworks
5/2/2021 10:13:09 PM Amanda amanda.erdogar@gmail.com Peterlee
Hi all, my great grandfather Henry James Smith was furnace man at Dalton Pumping Station until he died in 1948. My great great grandfather James Simpson was head gardener. I do have a pic of James standing in front of part of the Pumping station. Do any of you lovely guys have any info regarding Henry Smith and James Simpson. tia Amanda

Reproduction of photos
7/7/2021 11:45:43 AM james douet jdouet@movistar.es Barcelona
Can you tell me if it is possible to reproduce the photos for a Historic England book on pumping stations, notably the sepia image of Dalton?

Hello to All
8/27/2021 1:06:47 PM Alan alandi12@optusnet.com.au Narrabeen
Hello everyone. I`ve only just discovered the site but I noticed that my brother Peter had posted a message here. I was 10 when we left in 1958 and I still have quite a few memories of Dalton Le Dale. I also noticed the the heading picture of the 1911 census is of the house we used to live in, where we used to live above the ground floor workshop. I also suspect that the family in the picture may include my Great Grandfather. Thank You for having this website.

11/23/2021 1:38:05 PM Annabelle Lumsden lumsden.annabelle@gmail.com Easington Village
my family had pub in Dalton Le dale Seaham I am looking for family who may be related Does anyone have a photograph of 3 Dalton Le Dale or know the true name of the pub. any help would be appreciated all the best Annabelle

3/8/2022 10:05:43 PM Patti McClintic colorsflashing@gmail.com Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA
Really interesting website! I was just going back over one of my husband`s ancestors AGAIN, trying to find clues so I can get back a bit further in my genealogy research, and I realized I had never looked up Dalton-le-Dale before, which is listed as the Ecclesiastical Parish she lived in back in 1871. Always searching for that one small crumb that might open up a door in my never-ending mission to add another layer to our family tree. What a beautiful area you are in. If we ever get to the UK, this place will be on our list of sites to see for sure. Thank you!

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3/14/2022 7:12:23 PM Jesse Tom jesse@datalist.biz
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Visits to Durham and Northumberland
6/19/2022 5:58:08 PM Jim Potts jrpotts@gmail.com Peoria, Arizona, USA
We have had the pleasure of visiting St. Andrews and the surrounding area. I met with two gentlemen ( George and Brian) forgive me as I don`t remember their last names. They took us around and we also visited a miner`s museum. My grandfather was baptized at St, Andrews in 1876 (Robert Potts), and his father was born in LongBenton. My 2x Great grandfather and his family are buried right next to the church on the left side of the pathway (George and Jemima Potts). I was in direct correspondence with a wonderful lady (Lorna Potts Stokes) who also passed but is remembered by us often.